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    Meet your coach - Kayla Bourgeois

    Kayla Bourgeois is a transformation executive with over 15 years experience accelerating large-scale change and transformation globally and across business units. She has coached executives for 10 years, helping them uncover high-yield opportunities and translating complex concepts into simple frameworks that are easy for companies to execute.


    Kayla provides custom coaching that guides C-Suite executives through organizational transformation and turnaround, and provides guidance on how to maximize their own performance and get the best results from their teams.


    She is certified in both executive coaching and organizational change.

  • Testimonials


    Chairman, Motion Picture Group at Lionsgate

    "Kayla has been transformative for me. Coaching is her super power."

    EVP at Lionsgate

    "Kayla is an attentive listener who is adaptive to both the surface and underlying needs of the person she is coaching, the needs of their colleagues and of their organization at large. She has a practical and informal manner which puts people at ease, and she is able to translate complex concepts into simple frameworks that help people move quickly from idea to execution, which in turn produces quicker results (and inspires her clients to lean further into positive change)."


    Rachit Shukla 

    CEO of Two Toasters 

    "Kayla is a remarkable person that is able to think through bigger strategic issues with ease. Working alongside her has helped me become a better person and leader. She comes with my highest recommendation."

    Operations Director at OPEN

    "Kayla is extremely perceptive, listens before responding and understands the situation from all angles before advising or providing her consult. She provided simple and easy to execute inputs on Strategic Review and Planning which turned out extremely well."

    Director, IT at Mattel

    "Kayla worked closely with our senior leadership team to craft employee engagement strategies and experiences that shifted our culture into a global, high performing team."

    Director, Mobile Engineering at Ticketmaster

    "Kayla is smart, insightful, direct, and organized. I've been impressed at her ability to understand and state business goals, her seemingly natural understanding of group dynamics, her willingness to tackle issues head-on. Kayla has been a key driver of progress of our management team."