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    Transformation Accelerator



    As an executive team, we meet in-person quarterly to ensure alignment on transformation goals, progress, and risk mitigation.



    Each on-site, we provide best practices for how you should be leading the current phase of your transformation base on our framework. Workshops and tools will be leveraged to assist you.



    Each executive is dealing with their own organization, competing goals, people & process issues. They also have different skill-sets. One-on-One coaching is provided to each executive during the on-site to tackle their specific needs.



    Each quarter we adjust transformation milestones and create personal action plans that we review in the next on-site. While your company will hold executives accountable to meeting their transformation milestones, your coach will hold you accountable to your personal goals.

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    1:1 Executive Transformation Coaching


    Goal Setting

    We help you identify your short and long-term goals. This is what you'll be driving to throughout our coaching partnership. These goals will be measurable and documented so we're both always clear on where we're going.


    Roadmap Design

    We guide you through designing your personalized roadmap to reach your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to transformation. You will need to transform yourself as you're transforming your organization - so your roadmap will be tailored to your needs.


    Action Planning

    Together, we will breakdown your transformation roadmap into realistic actions, making it easy for you to take the next step.


    Accountability Partner

    We commit to supporting you every step of the way. You're not alone on this journey. We will help ensure you stay on track when distractions arise - and they always do!

  • Popular Packages

    1:1 Coaching


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    Best For: Executives leading a business through intense growth, disruption,
    transformation, or acquisition


    Change is constant and so is our evolution. Executive Coaching will guide you to a deeper level of self-awareness, shift perspectives, unlock new leadership capabilities, and enable you to drive long-term impact and success - improving
    how you operate in your business and life.


    • Pre-coaching assessment to identify areas of need
    • Monthly or Bi-weekly (based on need and availablity)
    • Personalized virtual 1:1 coaching sessions based on your most pressing needs
    • Pre-session questionnaires to help you collect your thoughts and make the most out of our calls
    • Personalized roadmap & development plan
    • Email recap from each session with action items
    • Post coaching assessment so you can see how far you've come
    • 1 emergency call every 6 months
    • Email and Text Support as needed (for Monthly clients)

    An estimate will be provided based on frequency and duration of engagement


    Transformation Accelerator

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    Best For: Executive teams leading large-scale change in their business, that need guidance to accelerate a successful transformation


    Quarterly on-sites provide dedicated coaching to executives tailored to their
    unique challenges within the business transformation effort. It also ensures program alignment between executives and provides them with real-world-proven best practices to move forward.


    • Pre-coaching assessment to identify areas of need
    • Quarterly 2-day on-site for 4 executives leading transformation

    On-sites include:

    • Two 1:1 coaching sessions for each executive with action planning
    • Group Coaching sessions to review transformation progress, identify issues and resistance, educate on best practices, and plan for future phases.
    • 1 emergency call each quarter for each executive





    An estimate will be provided based on agreed engagement level

  • Invest in yourself

    Stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the lack of direction and movement in your company's transformation efforts. You could be spending more time unlocking value, driving business results, and shepherding your organization into a new era.

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  • Don't let your transformation stall - wasting time, money, and resources and ultimately failing to meet your goals.

  • Disclaimer

    Peoplespective does not diagnose or treat for physical or mental health. Anything discussed on this site or in coaching sessions is not a substitute for licensed medical or legal advice.